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Organisers said they had planned 230 protests in 33 countries.
Fast food workers and labour organisers have been protesting at what they call “abusive employment practices” since late 2012.
They are demanding a “liveable” wage of $15 per hour in the US.

To cut a long story short… Gary Kemp (yes, “Gold” Gary Kemp) tweeted the BBC Magazine’s Tie Rack obituary, written by Ben Milne, adding: “So Spandau are Sock Shop and Duran Tie Rack. White towelling, in that case.” Now there’s a boast.
Ian Beckett tweeted: “State Of The Nation Obituary – R.I.P. Tie Rack – got it in the neck from austerity & open-collar workers.”
Earlier in the week, BBC Magazine’s Sam Judah looked at eight of the most radical solutions suggested to improve cycling safety.

In that incident, on Komsomol Avenue in the city centre, one of the suspects was shot dead, two others were injured and the fourth was arrested unhurt.
Gun crime remains a serious threat in Moscow though the homicide rate has fallen sharply since the post-Soviet chaos of the 1990s, when it reached a peak and shootings were a common occurrence in the Russian capital.
‘Police captains’ According to Life News, a Russian news website which specialises in crime stories, the two dead policemen were both respected captains in the northern Moscow crime squad, with long experience of police work.

The company has recently introduced Satisfries, a lower-fat variety of chips, in the US and Canada, in an effort to offer a healthier alternative after criticisms of the high fat content of its food,
Costs cut The firm, which is the third-largest burger chain in the US, behind rivals McDonalds and Wendy’s, said it has succeeded in reducing costs by 90%, through greater use of franchising instead of owning its restaurants.

Chanting “it makes no sense”, they said they were there to protest about not just their low wages, but rising income inequality.
Shantel Walker has been working as a manager at a Papa John’s pizza chain since 1999, and she currently makes $8.50 per hour.
She says that is not significantly more than the $7.25 she was getting just a few years earlier – and she insists it is certainly not enough to live on in Brooklyn, New York, where her monthly rent is $500.

If you loved this short article and you want to receive more info relating to mcdonalds printable coupons please visit the site. The fast-food chain says the new chips have a crinkle-cut appearance to avoid confusion with regular chips.
It has developed the Satisfries along with McCain Foods, which will not be able to sell them to rivals.

In a new report, MSPs argued welfare changes were a “significant cause” of the rise in demand.
The committee claimed evidence pointed to a 400% rise in people using food banks in 2013/14 compared to 2012/13.

Police said they found the bodies of Ms Walsh and her son in their beds after forcing entry to their home on 2 June.
‘Clearly evil’ Williams killed Ms Walsh and her baby while another woman he had broken up with, Rebecca Shuttleworth, was standing trial for the murder of her own two-year-old son.
Details of Williams’ previous relationship with Shuttleworth, who was jailed for life in June for killing Keanu Williams, could not previously be reported due to a court order.

The voucher shooting erupted outside a branch of McDonalds on Thursday afternoon, when the police attempted to arrest the suspects, all of whom were wanted on suspicion of extortion, the website says.
The second shooting occurred around midnight when police were alerted to an apparent robbery in progress in a flat.
One of those arrested is an alleged Georgian career criminal, Rezo Bukhnikashvili, nicknamed Petso.
Mr Bukhnikashvili was also arrested in March of this year. No details of when or why he had been released were immediately available.

A former member of the band So Solid Crew has been fined for an assault in Aberdeen.
Ashley Walters, who is now an actor, and co-accused Karan Singh, a DJ, both admitted assaulting a security guard in the city’s Bridge Street as he made his way home from a shift last September.

In a statement, the National Restaurant Association, which represents fast food business such as McDonalds and Burger King, said: “A dramatic increase to labor costs like the one proposed… is not the comprehensive solution to income inequality – it will only hurt business owners’ ability to create entry level jobs.”
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The body of Leon Cudworth, 15, from Oldham was found off Ripponden Road, Moorside, at about 08:00 GMT on Saturday by a passer-by.
A post-mortem examination to establish the cause of death was inconclusive.
Det Ch Insp Phil Reade said: “Sadly his death appears to be the result of a tragic set of circumstances.”

“We are all consumers, and can vote with our roubles against the goods our ideological opponents,” the group says on its website.
Social media comment is generally supportive, but some users have a sly dig. One commenter on the Dni website notes, “Idiots love to say that Coca-Cola can clean engines and kill odours. They keep quiet about what the Russian national spirit – vodka – can do, though.”